Cat Flaps


We install cat flaps all over Melbourne and have a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Please find out about the type of cat doors below, or feel free to give us a call anytime to find out more.

Transcat Cat Flap

Most people choose to have the clear round trancat cat flap installed.  It’s cost effective, looks great and can be upgraded to a magnetic system at any stage should other not-so-welcome cats be coming inside.

In its basic standard mode, the cat door has a four way lock easily changed from inside the house.  Two knobs on either side of the flap are there for you to turn them around until the right locking way is found.  You can either full lock the cat door, have the door locked so no cat can come in or locked so no cat can go out, or fully open.  The lock’s best feature is that if your cat is out late at night, set the lock so they can still come in and the cat door locks behind them stopping the flap from opening so they can’t go back out all while you peacefully sleep.

Most small and toy sized dogs fit through your cat door as well.

Magnetic Cat Doors

The magnetic unit simply works by attaching a magnetic box to the cat door and a collar to your cat.  When the cat gets close enough to the cat door it “clicks” and your cat is free to come back in and the door locks behind your cat so no other cats can follow.

Microchip Cat Doors

If you feel like you would like to have great control over pets we have state of the art microchip cat doors which you can program to have automatically unlock/lock at certain times, it also keeps track of who’s coming and going so you could know which pets are in or out and how long they’ve been back or gone for.

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